Weight Loss Basics for Results

Weight Loss Basics for Results


Weight Loss Basics for Results

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When you make a decision to begin a healthy lifestyle, most people will have weight loss as a goal. Most folks don’t know where to begin and that’s where Health Cavalier comes in with Weight Loss Basics for Results.

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Weight loss results will vary greatly from person to person. But most everyone wants to see results fast. Is fast weight loss really a possibly….YES. “Fast” is a relative term remember. One of the keys to success is consistency, it doesn’t mean you can’t cheat occasionally, but you need to be eating clean most of the time.

There are different types of weight loss. This could be just seeing the scale “go down” without a concern if it’s fat or muscle mass. If you want to make health apart of your life, then mostly likely you will want to lose “fat”.

The first thing we need to address is how much body fat do we need to lose. There are a couple ways to determine this. You can determine your Body Mass Index or BMI for short.

How does the BMI work?

It uses a specific formula to generate a numeric value that will give an indication of how healthy you are.

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Less than 18.5 = You are underweight
18.5 – 24.9 = You are a healthy weight
25 – 29.9 = You are overweight
30 + = You are obese

But is this a true reflection of what is occurring?

The truth is that Body Mass Index is only a guide. As a result, those who refer to this formula must remember that it cannot be applied universally as a be-all and end-all for assessing health. This is because BMI has its limitations.

What are the limitations of the BMI?

Yhe BMI should not be used on someone who is very muscular and/or athletic, as increased muscle mass will yield more weight. This then results in a higher BMI. For example, if you saw a weight lifter who had a BMI of 33, this would make him obese. However, you would be hard-pressed to make an argument that he is carrying a lot of fat!

So what is a better measurement of health?

Abdominal fat content is often considered a better measurement of health than overall weight. Fat stored in the abdomen puts you at a greater health risk than fat that is stored in the thighs. This is because abdominal fat can surround your internal organs.

So BMI can be used as a baseline but it still doesn’t help you develop a plan to lose weight…right! It just tells you where you are today.

The first thing we need to calculate is our Total Daily Energy Expenditure or TDEE. This is the number of calories you burn in a day just being alive. Then you have your external factors such as how active you are, how intense you exercise, etc.

To create a plan, you need to determine your TDEE.

Alright so now you know what is the total calories you need to consume each day, perfect! Oh, but wait…how do I do this without it feeling like a diet!!!! First I absolutely hate the work “diet” this indicates its short term and you’ll most likely gain the weight back. You need to change your mindset to understand and believe this is going to be a lifestyle change for you and we’re talking about “Nutritional Education”, not a diet. This is very important.

Remember when you are first starting out small changes will yield big rewards. And when you’re consistent you’ll find yourself looking for other ways to live a healthier lifestyle.

Start with small changes so you can commit long-term. There are endless healthy food options you can choose from which taste great, so you don’t feel like you’re being restricted.

How about..

  • Oatmeal and fruit
  • Eggs and avocado…One of my go to meals
  • Eggs and salsa
  • Chicken & sweet potatoes
  • Steak and broccoli/rice
  • Tune sandwich
  • Fish and pasta
  • Potatoes
  • Milk
  • Whey Protein

Supplements have there place in a healthy lifestyle, but they shouldn’t be the first thing you reach for. One exception to this would be Whey Protein, since this is really just another protein source. Throw some protein powder in a blender with milk and a banana and you have a great tasting portion. The combination are endless for a quick and healthy snack. Just remember not all protein powders are of equal quality. My personal favorite is Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Double Chocolate…yummy.

The important thing at this point is to make sure you are hitting your calories. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking the lower the calories the more weight your will lose. We want to develop a healthy plan, not crash dieting. The best weight loss will happen when you are hitting your daily calories. Weight loss takes time; you didn’t gain your weight in a week so don’t expect to lose it in a week.

A healthy pace is about 1.5 – 2.0 pounds per week, so just trust the process. Again, we are targeting true body fat loss, not body weight loss. Frequency of meals can also play a significant impact in your eight loss goals. This is related to the spike in insulin levels eating may cause. I’ll be covering these strategies in another article.

Weight loss isn’t a secret, eat less than you burn over a period. While it isn’t a secret there are some strategies which make things easier, if your committed to long term health please Subscribe so you don’t miss and information.

-Health Cavalier

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